Can Humans Get Sick from Flea Bites?


Fleas often carry diseases, so it is very possible for humans to get sick from flea bites. One disease that is carried by fleas is the plague. Fleas that have bitten an infected animal may carry the Yersinia pestis bacteria, which is what causes the Plague. Humans can also get cat scratch fever from a flea. Usually, the flea will leave droppings on the cat with the Bartonella henselae. The cat then transfers this disease to the human. It is possible, however, for a human to get this from a flea bite.
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1. Run your hands along the fronts and backs of your ankles and lower legs checking for bumps. Flea bites on humans tend to be in this location since pets are much shorter than people
Flea bites are small red dots that itch. Cats or dogs can bring them in from outdoors and they can multiply in carpets, bedding etc. My cat brought them in, and I had small bites
Flea bites on humans can have several consequences. The obvious one is
Little red bumps that itch. Bomb your house and wash with mild soap and water. It's nothing worse than a mosquito bite.
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