Can Humans Live on Jupiter?


Human cannot survive on Jupiter. The air contains no oxygen and is toxic. Jupiter is so far from the sun, thus extremely cold (about -278 degrees Fahrenheit), and would not support human life.
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Human's can't live on Jupiter. The surface is made of gas, and underneath is a liquid layer, only liquid because of the extreme pressure. You wouldn't even make it through the atmosphere
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It is very doubtful humans could. Jupiter is a rather violent planet that has
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Humans can not live on Jupiter for a couple of reasons. First of all there is no solid surface. It is covered in gasses with a strong vertical air current that would carry humans down into the planet.
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A human cannot live on Jupiter. Overall, the average temperature on Jupiter is -238 degrees Fahrenheit, with temperatures at the core rising to an estimated 36,000 ...
NASA scientists believe that no organism, human or otherwise, can live on Jupiter. The planet's high atmospheric pressure would crush humans, and almost any other ...
Humans would not be able to survive on Jupiter. Its surface temperature is a chilly -110°C. Any lifeforms that lived on Jupiter would have to breathe hydrogen ...
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