Can Humans Live on Jupiter?


Human cannot survive on Jupiter. The air contains no oxygen and is toxic. Jupiter is so far from the sun, thus extremely cold (about -278 degrees Fahrenheit), and would not support human life.
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Human's can't live on Jupiter. The surface is made of gas, and underneath is a liquid layer, only liquid because of the extreme pressure. You wouldn't even make it through the atmosphere
It is very doubtful humans could. Jupiter is a rather violent planet that has
Assuming you want scientifically accurate measurements rather than Bible stories (Methuselah) the oldest person ever recorded was the French woman Jeanne Calment, who lived to be122
Jupiter is a gas giant. It's far from the Sun; not in the Goldilocks area. It's full of poisonous gases and the pressure is too high it will crush us. Gravity too is too high.
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Humans can not live on Jupiter for a couple of reasons. First of all there is no solid surface. It is covered in gasses with a strong vertical air current that would carry humans down into the planet.
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