Can Humans Live on Neptune?


Humans cannot live on Neptune because it is too cold and it does not have oxygen which people need to breathe. It has no gravity and comets may hit it. This planet was named after a Roman god of the sea.
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Because it's way too cold and people can barely live in Antarctica let alone Neptune, imagine 1,000 degrees below zero.
1. Fill a large pot with water and set on the stove top. Set the stove burner to high temperature to boil the water. 2. Fill a large, wide bucket with ice, then pour in enough water
Because if they didn't, they wouldn't. Embed Quote
It would be very hot you would need a air suit that absorbs the heat. Or else you burn up and die
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Neptune is one of the planets that is in the solar systems outer orbit, so it's very cold. Because of the horrific temperatures, negative 200 degrees Celsius, people couldn't live on Neptune. You can find more information here:
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Human beings cannot live on Neptune because it is too cold due to its distance from the sun. It also does not have an atmosphere of oxygen and it has no gravity. ...
People can't live on Neptune since it's a very cold planet. The temperature of Neptune is about negative 200 degrees Celsius. Neptune is one of the furthest planets ...
Humans cannot live on Saturn because there is no ground on Saturn. In addition, Saturn is extremely cold since it is so far away from the sun and therefore human ...
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