Can Humans Live on Other Planets?


It is quite hard for humans to live on other planets as there are no suitable conditions for us to live in. Our bodies' are adapted to live on earth under the pressure of the atmosphere and earth's gravity and any change in this can be fatal.
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We could live on Mars but it would require shelter, oxygen, food and if you went outside you would have to wear a space suit. Mars is relay the only planet we know of where this is feasible. Other candidates for colonization are our own moon and the moons around the gas giants.
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Earth is habitable in part because of its distance from the Sun, which enables mammals at a comfortable temperature. Earth's atmosphere and self-regulating CO2 cycle have kept the
welll us humans have not put a human on any other planets so wee do not know if humans can live on other planets but wee need oyxagyne to breeth and plant need water to grow to let
Humans went from basically being hunter/gatherers, not terribly different that other apes, to flying to the moon in around 10,000 years (give or take a few thousand). Virtually all
At this time there are no other planets besides Earth that
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People cannot live on other planets because some planets do not have suitable conditions for people to survive and humans cannot just live anywhere. The temperature ...
There are some other planets that we might be able to live on, given enough technology. While the gaseous surface of Venus would be inhospitable, the rocky surface ...
We live on Earth and not other planets because of the existence of an environment that can support life. This environment has optimum sunshine, water and air. ...
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