Can an Executor of a Will Also Be a Beneficiary?


An executor can be beneficiary provided the Will contains appropriate wording.
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If your executor dies before you do, you can change the executor of your will without substantially changing any other information. Some people choose a lawyer or a law firm with
Either renounce or administer the estate or pay a professional to deal with the matter and the fees would be met from the estate. It is up to the executor to decide. If the exector
Lynn, It is nice to know someone is reading my responses. Yyou are the first one to ask me to clarify and I thank you for the opportunity. Accounting means that you have a right
While I agree with the prior answers, it strikes me as possible, (and from the facts of your summary, LIKELY) that no probate estate has been opened. If that is the case, your father
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An executor can also become a beneficiary of a will if the will contains the appropriate wording. However this fact can be overruled if the executor was also a witness during the signing of the will.
Under present English law, an executor can be a beneficiary of a will though witnesses to a will may not be beneficiaries. The executor to a will can be decided by the writer of the will or the immediate beneficiary.
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The most fundamental right as a beneficiary of a will is to have a copy of it from an executor. You are also entitled to know what is going on with the administration ...
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