Can an Executor of a Will Also Be a Beneficiary?


An executor can be beneficiary provided the Will contains appropriate wording.
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The other angle to pursue is to try to find out the attorney who wrote your dad's will. Many times an attorney will keep the original will and give the maker of the will a copy of
Not until the estate has been through probate. That is the job of the executor.
Scott--look at the policy and see who is the owner. It is the owner that dictates who can be the beneficiary; unless there's an irrevocable clause of some sort or it's in an irrev
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An executor can also become a beneficiary of a will if the will contains the appropriate wording. However this fact can be overruled if the executor was also a witness during the signing of the will.
Under present English law, an executor can be a beneficiary of a will though witnesses to a will may not be beneficiaries. The executor to a will can be decided by the writer of the will or the immediate beneficiary.
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