Can I Be Accepted into a School without Being Eligible for Financial Aid?


Yes you can be accepted into a school without being eligible for financial aid, as long as you can pay for the schooling its self with a loan or other means.
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Affording to go to cosmetology school, even with financial aid from the government is difficult, because it is expensive. This is what I suggest. Apply for financial aid and go to
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The qualifications to be accepted into Johnson and Wales Culinary school is that you must be a high school graduate. They offer financial aid to those who qualify ...
Yes a school must be accredited and approved by the financial aid board. Going to a school without national or regional accreditation will not get you a degree ...
You can get a student loan for any school that is eligible to accept federal financial aid. However, if they do not have a finical aid office, I suggest that you ...
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