Can I Be Extradited on a Misdemeanor Warrant?


Most of the time a person will not be extradited for a misdemeanor warrant. However, there are ways that the law can still take the person into custody.
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Call your local Sheriff's office. They will have a list of any warrants that
If you were successfully discharged from probation then the warrant probably doesn't have anything to do with your charge. If you were never discharged, and you stopped reporting
Most misdemeanor warrants are considered part of the "public record" and fall under the "Freedom of Information Act" (FOIA) Most agencies will divulge their warrant
As for the bail, no matter the crime if you have the money you can post your own bail or if you don't have the money a bondsman will require ten percent which is his payment for posting
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Being extradited depends on what state you live in. It also is based on the limitations of the warrant. Depending on charges, some states will extradite you from another state and charge you.
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