Can I Be Extradited on a Misdemeanor Warrant?


Most of the time a person will not be extradited for a misdemeanor warrant. However, there are ways that the law can still take the person into custody.
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Realistically, in the budget crunch that all states are undergoing these days, they MAY not want to bother with bringing you back for a misdemeanor offense - HOWEVER - that being
Yes you can but you will have to pay for a warrant search.
In California: Misd warrants can only be served between the hours of 0700 and 2200 unless the person is in a public place. Source(s): California Cop
Off the top of my head I'm not aware of any set time that Texas will hold someone on an out of state parole warrant. I can tell you that they will likely hold him until California
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Being extradited depends on what state you live in. It also is based on the limitations of the warrant. Depending on charges, some states will extradite you from another state and charge you.
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