Can I Be Made Redundant Whilst Pregnant?


The UK government considers it unfair and total sexual discrimination if an employer dismisses an employer for maternity leave, paternity leave and for pregnancy or birth. However, there are some situations that can precipitate redundancy during maternity leave.
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A) you're lucky that you get 3 months' notice of redundancy (most people get 1 months' notice). B) Ask you HR department what specific provision is made for women on maternity leave
I was made redundant at 5 months pregnant. I then filed for discrimination as it was obvious pregnancy was the real reason.I got money out of that and was still looking for jobs the
Hiya, this has just happened to me a week after having James. Basically the company has folded, there is no money and they are being handled by receivers. I contacted the Statutory
It is just amazing to spend almost half a century with someone you have always loved to be with and perhaps that is your love and understanding with each other that made you stay
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You cannot be made redundant while on sick leave, although it depends on the nature of the leave that was taken. Redundancy process is regulated by the law and ...
An employee can bring up a claim for unfair dismissal if the employer decides to make the employee redundant while on sick leave. The dismissal remains unfair ...
All employees regardless of length of service are entitled to a period of 26 weeks additional maternity leave. A company must not act to dismiss or disadvantage ...
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