Can I Be Ovulating without Having a Period?


Ovulation can still occur even if one has a missed period. Missed periods can be caused by over training, stress and hormonal changes. In some women, periods do not necessarily mean that one has had an ovulation.
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Ovulation without a follow-on period is called pregnancy. Once you ovulate there are only two possible outcomes 1. your period; 2. your baby. Think about it.
You could use opks but this would work out very very expensive because you will have to use them every single day and they are not cheap to buy. So I would suggest that you go to
During ovulation the egg is released to be
No way to know. How 'irregular' are you talking? If it's just a range of a few days each month, you could calculate or longest and shortest average cycles, and try to have sex every
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You can ovulate after having a baby without having a period first. In fact you will ovulate before you have an actual period. According to the fertility books, ...
You can ovulate without menstruating as ovulation and having periods are not directly related. Ordinarily, ovulation and having periods do not occur at the same ...
You can still get pregnant without having had periods as ovulation, the prerequisite for pregnancy, may precede menstrual flow in some women. It is also possible ...
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