Can I Become a Lawyer with a Felony Record?


Yes, believe it or not you can become a lawyer even if you have a felony on your record. When applying for law school, you will need to be very honest about your past on the application. Some states may not allow you to sit for their bar exam. You will need to make sure the state you plan to work for will allow you to take the bar exam.
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1. Complete your bachelor's degree. Students wishing to handle felony matters often major in criminal justice, psychology, sociology or political science. 2. Take the LSAT. The LSAT
A felony lawyer handles cases involving crimes that fall under the felony category such as murder, homicide, drug trafficking, rape, burglary, child abuse, money laundering, child
Laws vary from state to state. In some states you can only get a pa...
This is going to be a very difficult situation and if you haven't been to law school yet I might think about another occupation depending on what the felony is. Lots of lawyers have
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1. Obtain a copy of your criminal record. Contact the police department for any locality in which you have been arrested and request a copy of your criminal record ...
Becoming a lawyer with a criminal record can be difficult but not impossible. A criminal history does not mean that you cannot pursue a career in law, but depending ...
You can become a lawyer if you have a criminal record, but it will depend on the type of crime and whether you have been cleared. Remember that before you apply ...
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