Can I Block Incoming Call for Cell Phone?


You can block call for cell phones though not all cell phones allow this service. For instance, for smart phones, you will need to download software whereas the AT&T's are designed to set boundaries for young cell phone users.
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1. Prevent Unwanted Cell Phone Calls. Avoid giving your cell phone number to businesses unless they need to call you for repairs or service. Many companies sell your information to
You can easily block incoming calls on your cell phone by marking those numbers as do not answer in your address book. Once you do that, the calls and text messages from that number
press the hang up button. divert your phone so you cant receive any calls. change your number. find a 3th-party software to help.
1. Locate the "Settings" tab on your phone. Depending upon the model, it may be located on the home screen of your mobile phone. However, in some instances it can be located
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To unblock blocked incoming cell phone calls you should get access to your mobile phone's limit code, choose 'Menu' on the device and go to the 'Settings' option ...
To block calls on your cell phone, you can call your cell phone provider and give them the number you would like blocked. You can also choose to block all incoming ...
You can block incoming phone calls by contacting your current phone company and having the call blocker feature added to your phone service. ...
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