Can I Build a Fence on My Property Line?


You can build a fence on your property line granted by so doing your fence will not be encroaching on someone else's property. Your fence should also not obstruct the free passage of the public or access by the public to a public resource.
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1. Plot the fence line. Mark the desired fence line with powdered chalk. Keep the line as straight as possible. This is the guide for building the fence. 2. Dig the post holes with
If there is an issue regarding the location of the property line between abutting property owners the first resources would be any recorded surveys of the properties and the deed
With the proper building permit,
The answer depends on your zoning. You can look up an LA property's zoning at this site ( The zoning ordinances are defined in the municipal code (http:/
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If you would like a fence on the property line and the neighbor does not want the fence there, you will need to put it just inside the line on your property. ...
The distance you can build a fence from a property line in St. Louis County Missouri depends on whether or not the fence is on a corner lot. There is a requirement ...
Having lived in North Carolina for many years, I can tell you that you can build a fence on your property line, or as far away from the line as you like inside ...
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