Can I Bury My Dog in My Yard?


It is perfectly normal for you to bury your dog in the yard. There is no law that says that you cannot bury deceased animals in your yard. Just make sure that you make the hole deep enough in order to avoid any pathogens.
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1. Find out what restrictions your local area has on pet burial. Ask your veterinarian or call city hall about these restrictions. In many places, as long as you own the land you
First you need to check with your city government to see if this is legal. If it is legal, you need to dig a hole at least three feet deep plus the height of your dog's carcass -
1. Check into getting it fenced. If your yard is not already fenced you might want to have it fenced. Chain link fences are perfect for dogs. Though if you have more money and want
Let me start by saying,Im am very sorry for your losses and I know this must have been very difficult to go through,I can understand how you feel and this is in no way a 'goofy' question
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