Is it possible to buy a car without a driver's license?


An individual can purchase a car with without a driver's license. However, state-issued identification is required to register the car with the state Department of Motor Vehicles, and a driver's license is required to legally drive on public roads.

An individual may legally purchase a new or used car from a dealer or private seller without a driver's license. The purchase may be made with cash, check, credit, or any other medium agreed upon by the buyer and seller. A Bill of Sale documenting the sale and a title signed by the car's owner transferring all rights of ownership to the buyer are the only requirements in most states. Buyers should contact the local Department of Motor Vehicles to inquire about state-specific requirements.

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1. Apply for a non-driver's identification card from your state DMV. If you do not have a license yet, you still need some type of state-issued identification card in order to register
It's called an SR-22 bond. Tell the insurance company that's what you need.
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Taylor is right - do not let the buyer drive your car with your plate on it, period (unless you're with him for the test drive) He does not need a driver's license to buy the car
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