Can I Buy a Money Order with Debit Card?


You can only buy a money order with a debit card in certain stores. Usually you can buy the money order with debit cards at any Wal-Mart.
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1. Request the total purchase price for your order. If you are placing an order at a physical retail location, the merchant or retailer will provide with with your total purchase
1 Upgrade your PayPal account to Premier or Business status if you currently have a personal account. Personal accounts are not eligible for debit cards. Follow the link on the home
You can use a debit card at the post office to purchase a
Up to $100,000.00 in an FDIC insured account.
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A money order can not be purchased by a credit card. Cash or debit cards are the only forms of payment allowed to purchase a money order. ...
To order online with a debit card, check the back of your ATM card to verify that ATM shopping networks are accepted by your card. If the retailer accepts payments ...
1. Call the bank that issued your debit card to verify the receive code, the routing number if you do not have checks and the bank's recommended wiring service ...
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