Can I Buy a Pay as You Go SIM for My iPhone 3g?


The process is quite simple, just replace the SIM card with the Pay As You Go card and you'll be doing calls and accessing the internet instantly.
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Q&A Related to "Can I Buy a Pay as You Go SIM for My iPhone..." should help. Airtel is pretty good, but you'll have to walk into a store to find out if you can do data on a prepaid (to go) plan. More: http:/
1. Turn off your iPhone 3G and make sure any cords or connector cables are removed from the device. Then, hold your iPhone 3G upright. 2. Locate the Sleep/Wake button and headphone
Nothing. AT&T doesn't support the iPhone as a prepaid. Source(s) iPhone owner.
Look at the top edge of the iphone 3g. there is a long button, and a headphone hole. See the tiny hole between the two? stick a small object, such as the little pick that comes with
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An iPhone 3GS can be unlocked (understood as allowing it to revive signals form all SIM card. ...
1. Go to the AT&T website and click on Find a Store at the top of the home page. Enter in your five digit zip code and press enter. Wait as a list of stores ...
The iPhone 3G handsets in UK have prices ranging from approximately 70 dollars to about 10 dollars. The low prices are caused by the arrival of the newer and more ...
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