Can I buy pepper spray at Walmart?


Yes, you can buy pepper spray at Walmart. It is available in keychain size. Ironcally, a woman used pepper spray on fellow shoppers in Walmart during 2012 Black Friday.
Q&A Related to "Can I buy pepper spray at Walmart?"
Superstores such as Wal-Mart and Target carry pepper spray products. Check in the sporting goods department, with hunting supplies. These stores will carry at least one pepper spray
A drug store. You can buy it at a gun shop also. However online is easier and there are many websites to choose from. Online is the best way and there is more choices and info. Gun
You can buy pepper spray at the Arkansas Police Supply 5226 E Nettleton Ave
It depends on where you live. If your Walmart sells guns, that's where they keep the pepper spray. Now, they can't sell guns in my town, so it would be silly to have a department
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