Can i buy pepper spray at walmart?


Yes, you can buy pepper spray at Walmart. It is available in keychain size. Ironcally, a woman used pepper spray on fellow shoppers in Walmart during 2012 Black Friday.
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Walmart does not sell Pepper Spray. A good place to get it is at a running
1. Evaluate market kiosks that offer personal defense equipment. You can purchase pepper spray at these places, but the lack of a storefront means no responsibility on the part of
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It depends on where you live. If your Walmart sells guns, that's where they keep the pepper spray. Now, they can't sell guns in my town, so it would be silly to have a department
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Wal-Mart does in fact sell mace or pepper spray. It is sold in colored four ounce bottles for around $12.99 as of 2012. It is available in maximum strength in ...
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