Can I Cash a Cheque at the Post Office?


A cash deposit of a cheque can be made at the post office although it takes approximately two days for the cheque to be cleared.
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1. Make a purchase at the post office. The purchase can include stamps, envelopes or packaging. 2. Pay for the purchase with a debit card. Swipe your debit card through the payment
It will be the post office you asked for it to be when you made your claim.
A money order can be cashed at any bank or check cashing business. Have
Make your cheque payable to 'The Post Office'.
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If you need to cash a cheque but can't get to the bank, or you want to check your bank balance, try post office banking. It is now possible to safely complete ...
Postal money orders have a fee which costs from as little as 50 pence per order. They are similar to cheques and can be cashed in any post office counter. The ...
The better question might be why are you accepting post dated checks?

I disagree with Frank Stitely - you should not debit cash and credit ...
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