Can I Circumcise Myself?


You cannot circumcise yourself as this is a fairly complex surgical procedure. Circumcision requires both hands be used which you might not be capable of doing if you are holding the penis with one hand.
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To circumcise yourself, you will need to remove the excess skin from the head of your penis. Doing this at home can be painful and unsanitary, so you should go to your doctor to have
This is a surgical procedure Urologists do, not something you do yourself. The majority of circumcision in the world are not done by urologist but are done by people with no medical
There are stories of men who perform self circumcisions by using
first of all its dangerous to do it yourself even tough its a small thing, you seriously dont want to go trough all the trouble, the best thing you can do is go see a real doctor
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Circumcision can be defined as the amputation of the foreskin of the penis in male human beings. Also, it can be described as the complete amputation of the vulva ...
Circumcision refers to a religious ceremony, in which someone has their foreskin removed for males. The term may also refer to the feast day celebrating the circumcision ...
To circumcise a male, you will need to remove the excess of foreskin from the tip of his penis. This can be painful, so most doctors numb the area. Also, it needs ...
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