Can I Claim Back Vat on Flowers?


You can claim VAT on flowers as long as you did not buy them for personal reasons. Usually, you can reclaim VAT that you have paid when you bought goods or services for your business.
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As a visitor, you may have seen signs about VAT refunds in some of the better shops, those popular with tourists and those selling higher priced goods, and wondered what that's all
You are obviously buying the gaming PC for yourself or your boyfriend, it is not for resale in your business so you CAN'T claim the VAT back.
Yes - My understating is that the retailer fills out the forms when the visitor buys the goods and the visitor takes the forms to the refund desk at the airport = it's all on the
Hello, I'm afraid the answer isn't good. It's generally reckoned to be a time consuming and expensive process that's not worth doing even if you have a valid reason. You can though
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You can only claim VAT if the acquired item were supplied to you and not to your client and you were charged VAT for them. It makes no difference whether or not ...
To calculate Vat rates, use the standard rate of VAT which is 20% on all the goods which are subject to tax except foodstuff, books, children's items and clothing ...
To claim VAT back you will first have to register for the VAT. Once registered, you become eligible to claim the VAT back on the procurement that you do for your ...
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