Can I Connect a Wire for a Car Stereo Directly to the Battery?


Yes, you can connect a wire for a car stereo directly to the battery but your stereo won't turn off. You really should connect it to a 12-volt power supply that is connected to your ignition switch. That's what I've done with mine and it works best.
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1. To prevent a short circuit or injury, disconnect the negative terminal from your car battery before performing any electrical wiring on your car. 2. Connect the ground wire to
Attach the thick positive (+/red) power cable for your amplifier to...
i would just straight wire it all 3 ground to ground and constant and power to power.personally i would make sure your main power wire has an inline fuse(so your deck doesn't fry
all car radios need two power wires and a ground (you car use a $5 test light if you dont know which wires are which) the CONSTANT power wire keeps your settings/memory so you dont
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