Can I Cut My Grass in the Winter?


It is possible to cut grass in winter especially when the weather is almost mild. In winter, grass growth is so little hence most people don't go for the idea of cutting it. Grass is not affected by frost or the winter climatic condition.
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You mean the stuff that's under the snow. Good luck.
1. Take your lawn mower to a tool shop if it's been a year or longer since you had its blades sharpened. A dull lawn mower shreds but it doesn't cut the grass blades off. As a result
1. Put on the proper protective clothing and/or equipment. This includes long pants (to protect against flying sticks, stones and grass) a hat and/or sunglasses (to keep the sun out
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It is possible to cut your grass in the winter especially when the weather is mild. However, if the weather is not that mild there will be little growth so you do not have to cut your grass. If you must cut grass, you should cut it higher than during summer.
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