Can I Cut Neighbors Trees If They Overhang My Garden?


You are allowed by civil law to remove branches overhanging into your property back to the original boundary line. It is possible to do this without informing your neighbour but you are advised to inform them. Visit your local council for more information.
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1. Research local laws or ordinances in regard to shrubs that are encroaching onto your property from a neighbor's yard. Determine potential courses of action that are available to
Tell them to **** the faces off
For a detailed answer, search this site for guides on the law of trees in PA. I think I wrote one a year or so ago. In short, you can cut anything that crosses onto your side of the
It is a civil matter. He has the fine for touching the tree and you are well within your right to demand replacement for the damage. Go for it. Here, few trees have such protection.
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All states give property owners the right to trim or otherwise abate tree branches and roots that encroach onto their property, provided they do not damage the ...
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You can do that, but that should be a last resort. Try to talk to your neighbor first to see if they will cut their trees back for you, or send them a letter if ...
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