Can I Drink Alcohol with Trimethoprim?


Although the effects of taking alcohol while on trimethoprim medication are still not known, it is generally advisable to avoid excessive or regular consumption of alcohol when on any type of medication. It is also advisable not to miss a dose of your medication just because you want to have a drink.
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1. Purchase an alcohol strip test kit at your local drug store. Most strips are used to test alcohol content in saliva. However, they can also be used to on other liquids, such as
1 Talk to your doctor . If you chose not to, bear in mind that alcohol withdrawal can potentially be deadly. If you start experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms (panic attacks, severe
Lowest calories per unit of alcohol would be a vodka and seltzer. Use unflavored vodka and avoid tonic as it has as much sugar as coke. Vodka is water + 95% alcohol and seltzer is
The three major categories of alcoholic beverages are beer (and other brewed beverages) wine, and distilled spirits.
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