Can I Drink Water If I'M Fasting for Blood Work?


Fasting basically means eating or drinking nothing except water. You only need plain water, without any additional vitamins, flavouring or carbonation, in order to achieve the right electrolyte and fluid balance in your blood chemistry.
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Prior to conducting some blood tests, doctors may ask patients to abstain from eating or drinking for several hours to ensure accurate test results. Unless they're given alternate
Yes, your Dr. should have given you a list of things you could not eat or drink. Water is usually not listed during a fast unless you're having surgery and even then, it is only a
Yes, normally water is not listed during
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Before having blood drawn, some tests require that you fast (not eat or drink anything but water for usually 12 hours prior to the test). This ensures that there ...
Fasting before bloodwork is a process in which one stops eating or drinking before blood tests. Fasting before a blood test usually requires you to stop eating ...
One can actually consume water before a fasting blood test. It is also recommended that you should not eat any food 8 hours before the test. This helps in determining ...
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