Can I Drive with a Broken Tie Rod?


Yes technically you can drive with a broken tie rod but it is not recommended. You will need to get it repaired as soon as you can because it affects the steering of the car. You could do more damage to your vehicle or get into an accident if you drive with it broken.
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The tie rod is a part of the steering linkage. It connects your front wheel to the rest of the steering system. If the tie rod breaks, the front wheel is free to move in any direction
I had similar problems with my Ford F150 and last month. Get a free auto warranty quote and see if you can get the policy before you need to get your car fixed.
A tie rod is what steers the tires. If it breaks you
remove your wheel to access before you remove tie rod mark the thread on the rack side, then its a matter of removing the split pin and loosening off the nut closes to the wheel then
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Loose tire rods can lead to erratic steering and damage other components on your car, such as the tires. Loose tie rods will usually cause vibrating when driving ...
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