Can I Drive with a Nail in My Tire?


You should not drive with a nail in your tire. This can be very dangerous. A nail in the tire can suddenly pop the tire while you are driving and cause you to wreck your vehicle.
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You can drive on a spare tire as long as you want. Although most spares are smaller than your other tires so driving on it too long will raise the risks of losing control of the vehicle
1. Engage your car's emergency brake to prevent it from rolling, and then use a lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts on the wheel with the flat tire. Raise your vehicle using your car
1. Blunt. the point of the nail with your hammer. This is done by placing the nail on a hard surface with the point facing up, and tapping the sharp end with your hammer. The nail
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To fix a nail in a tire you will need a plug kit. You can buy one of these at your local auto parts store. Or you can take your car to a local car repair shop ...
1. Park your vehicle in a safe area off the road, not obstructing traffic or oncoming motorists. 2. Place traffic warning devices in front and at the back of your ...
If the nail punctured the tire in the tread area, it would cost less than $20 to plug the hole. If the nail punctured the sidewall, you would probably need a new ...
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