Can I Drop Assault Charges?


Depending on the type of assault, it may be possible to drop the charges. Domestic violence charges where a caution has been issued may be too complicated to drop.
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1. Call a lawyer. You should never attempt to navigate the justice system without an attorney. You'll need one who specializes in assault charges. 2. Learn as much as you can about
Call the police station. However, if UK law is anything like US law, if it's a domestic assault charge you cannot drop them, the state has to.
Hire a good defense attorney. If it is your first contact with the system and it's ag assault they may remand it to a misdemeanor or give you ARD which would require you to go to
You may contact the law enforcement agency where you first filed charges. You may
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As far as I know once a states attorney picks up the case there really is no way to drop them. You can ask the states attorney to drop them but it is up to the states attorney whether or not they do.
Yes you can drop assault charges. You will need to contact your attorneys office regarding the case and explain to them that you no longer desire to press charges.
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A no-drop policy is one whereby the victim of domestic violence is not allowed to drop the charge. The prosecutor is required to pursue a case if enough evidence ...
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