Can I dye a satin shoe at home?


According to The Dreamstress, satin shoes can be dyed at home. It is important to test the color on a swatch of the same fabric before actually dyeing the shoes.

To dye a satin shoe at home, one must know what type of satin covers the shoes in order to buy the right kind of dye; silk satin and polyester satin require different types of dye. The dye should be mixed on the stove, according to the directions, in a pot that is not going to be used for cooking. After testing the color with fabric swatches, the dye should be painted onto the shoe with a brush. Depending on the desired tone, two to four coats may be needed, allowing time to dry after each coat.

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Can I Dye a Satin Shoe at Home?
Satin shoes for dance or formal wear are available in a number of different styles. While many shoe stores will dye your satin shoes, you may want to dye your own. Fortunately, dyeing satin shoes at home is not difficult. You can mix your dye colors to... More »
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