Can I Dye My Hair Right after Bleaching It?


One cannot bleach his or her hair and dye it right away because there has to be an interval between the two procedures to allow the hair to dry. One should also select an appropriate colour to avoid damaging his or her hair.
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Take care when adding color to previously bleached hair. If your hair appears undamaged after the bleaching process, you can dye it right away. Generally, a gentle color toner is
1. Bleach your hair according to the box it came in. Make sure to keep it moist and even. Sometimes you have to heat it while it is processing. Check the box's instructions to make
You should wait about a week. Professional hair dresser.
Bleach saps the moisture out of hair, leaving it frail and dull.
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You can dye your hair right after highlighting it though this would be redundant as the purpose of highlighting the hair in the first place was to change the colour ...
To dye bleached hair brown, first, trim off as many split or damaged ends. Then, apply hot oil treatment to the hair according to the manufacturer's instruction. ...
It is possible to dye your hair with household bleach, but you could really hurt yourself or your hair. Dilute the bleach carefully with shampoo to make it easier ...
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