Can I Enclose a Concrete Patio?


Yes, in most cases you can enclose a concrete patio. You will need proper permitting depending on where you live. In some areas, the patio must be attached to the home in order to be enclosed.
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Commonly sold in 12-inch or larger squares, deck tiles also come in rectangular and even octagonal shapes. They are normally constructed with a plastic grid backing and built-in connecting
Do you have access to the top of the ceiling? If so, you could install a threaded rod through a hole and put a nut/washer on top. This would be the strongest. Barring that, Simpson
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Concrete paving - the popular flooring material for outdoor. patios. and pool surrounds - often receives some type of surface treatment. This is often referred to as decorative concrete
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Can I Enclose a Concrete Patio?
Patios, by nature, seem like a bit of a tease. They take up space in the yard and keep the ants off of your toes, but they're not actually useable rooms in the normal sense. This is especially true in the United States, where home builders sometimes lay... More »
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