Can I Feed My Goldfish Tropical Fish Food?


You can feed tropical fish food to your goldfish. However, it is important to check that the tropical fish food does not contain corn as corn causes floating and problems in digestion to the goldfish. Moreover, tropical fish food containing corn is of poor quality.
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1. Soak the tropical fish food for 30 to 40 seconds (for flakes) up to five minutes (for pellets) in a small dish of aquarium water, until the food no longer floats. This will prevent
Nothing bad will happen if you feed goldfish tropical fish
generally a special formulated fish food is sprinkled on the top of the water, and the fish will come to the surface and eat. there are also automated feeders for large tanks.
We got a tank kit for 2 goldfish we won at a carnival. The kit came with 2 packets of food - one specifically for goldfish and the other for tropical fish. We opened both and look-wise
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