Can I Find Someone by There License Plate?


You can find someone by their license plate. Recording the license plate number of a car that seems suspicious will enable you to conduct a search in a much easier way. The police are able to trace the owner of the car by getting the details from an online database.
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1. Write down the license plate number immediately. Keep this information with you in case you begin to forget the number you are searching for. 2. Sign up for an on-line service,
Generally, this information is only available to law-enforcement or other specifically authorized persons and will not be disclosed to you.
well you have to be part of the law, this information are not giving to anyone unless if your a cop or work for the insurrance company or DMV because who knows you might be looking
1. Get all of your information together that you are going to use to run the plate. Get the full license plate number. 2. Look for the registration sticker on the plate. 3. Note the's-Registered...
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You mean you want to find out who owns a car, by looking up the license plate number? Sounds like it might be possible, but unfortunately it's not. The owner's ...
License plate information is only available to Law Enforcement and to The Department of Motor Vehicles. If you are trying to locate someone you can try hiring ...
Video Transcript. Hi, this is Richard Goms, in Salt Lake City, Utah. We're talking about how to find the owner of a license plate. Let's say you were driving down ...
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