Can I Fly with a Broken Ankle?


It is possible to fly with a broken ankle as long as you take care of it and yourself before, during and after flight. If your doctor gives you the go ahead to travel, then there is no reason why you can't or shouldn't. However, most airlines only allow passengers with casts that are older than 48 hours for security reasons, and the risk of swelling after the cast has been put on.
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It may be possible to fly with a broken ankle provided it has been put in a cast which was applied more than 24 hours earlier. Please consult your GP and the airline carrier for more advice.
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Unless the bone is broken in a way that makes it stick out at an odd angle, you will need to have an x ray taken to know for sure if the ankle is broken or not.
1. Ice the ankle right away if you suspect you have broken it. To avoid further pain, wrap an ice pack in a paper towel before placing it on your skin. Symptoms of a broken ankle
how long after a broken ankle can u fly.
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