Can I freeze a spiral ham?


According to the U.S. Department of Health Human Services', one can freeze a spiral ham. It recommends that frozen spiral hams be thawed and consumed within one to two months. recommends the same safe period for frozen leftovers of hams cooked at home. A GlobalPost article on spiral ham recommends careful handling and care of the spiral ham. The article suggests that spiral ham be placed in the refrigerator within a short amount of time from purchase. In accordance with the federal food safety information, the spiral ham should be good for up to five days when refrigerated and can be transferred into the freezer at any point during that time.

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There is nothing special to do, wrap it in aluminum foil and put it in the freezer.
The first and most important key to reheating your spiral sliced ham is how you set your oven. You should set it at a low temperature, around 250 or 275 degrees F. Allow the oven
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Can You Freeze a Spiral Ham?
Spiral hams are very popular, particularly during holidays. Because spiral hams feed a crowd, many home cooks have more leftovers than they know how to use. Instead of throwing out the ham, try freezing it for future use.... More »
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Precooked hams can be heated by baking in a preheated 325 degree oven for 16 to 20 minutes per pound until a meat thermometer registers 135 degrees F. Spiral sliced ...
The amount of ham needed to feed 14 people depends on the type of ham that is being served. The serving size varies between boneless ham, bone-in ham or spiral ...
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