Can I Get a CDL Driving Job with a 3 Year Old DUI?


In many cases if you have DUI it needs to be expunged or sealed in order to get a CDL driving job even if it three years old. Each situation is different and it will depend on the severity of the DUI charge.
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Craigslist, websites such as The Truckers Report, Class A Drivers, and Truckers Forum, classified ads in the paper, getting out and looking for companies with open driving positions
If you only had three beers they must have been very strong or very large ones to give you a .09. The answer depends upon the state in which your license was issued.
C. R. England is hiring CDL drivers in Brooklyn, NY. Go to
49 CFR 353.51 provides for a 1 year disqualification for a first conviction for being under the influence of alcohol as prescribed by State law. A second conviciton results in a lifetime
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