Can I Get a GED Online?


In todays day and age you can do many school related activities online including getting a GED. They have guides to study online and the test as well once you are ready.
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Can You Get a GED Online?
GED is the acronym for General Education Development, which is a test that replaces a high school diploma. There are several resources available to aid in taking and passing the GED test. While the GED cannot be obtained online, there are more than 3,400... More »
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You can obtain a GED online. There are number of online programs that offer you the opportunity to get a GED. You just need to research which one is best for you.
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Unfortunately the GED test itself can not be taken online; however, you may prepare and practice the GED test online. Check with a community college in your area to see when the dates
1. Take a practice test. This is usually offered through various GED websites like You will be tested on high school subjects such as social studies, science, writing, reading
GED Institute is the best online GED test prep program; they offer self-paced Unlimited GED Practice Tests for a very reasonable fee (
Many former students decide to earn a GED during the summer months. After preparing for the GED online and passing the test at an official exam center, GED recipients are better prepared
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To get your GED online, you need to find a great school that is accredited. If you were not able to get your high school diploma, this is an alternative. Contact ...
No, unfortunately, you cannot get a GED online. You will need to register to take the test at an approved GED testing center. You can study for the test online ...
You cannot get your GED online for free. You can work on a tutorial or practice online before you take your test. The test itself must be taken at an approved ...
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