Can I Get a Passport If I Owe Child Support?


If you owe more than $2,500 in child support then you will not be able to obtain a United States passport. Prior to applying for a passport, the arrears needs to be paid. It may take two to three weeks before your passport can be processed after making back child support payments.
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The current law is that you have to owe more than 5000 dollars to be denied Pay at least half of that and they wont flag you. Updated: New laws require $2,500.00 or less to get a
1. Get the best and most accurate proof you can of the income of your child’s other parent. Don’t guess at what you think the other parent earns because a judge won&rsquo
A passport application can be denied if the non-custodial parent currently owes, or had previously owed, past-due child support of $2,500 or more. Your state's child support program
In general, when the U.S. Government suspends a passport for non-payment of child support they won't release the passport until after the arrearage is paid in full. Even though that
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