Can I Get Internet Access without a Phone Line?


You can get internet access without a phone line, depending on where you live. There are two key ways of getting online devoid of a landline. You can join Virgin Media's cable network, or else use mobile broadband instead.
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1. Contact your local telephone company to ask if it offers Direct, Naked, or Dry Loop DSL. All of the services are the same. Different phone companies may use different names to
I used Boost Mobile ( when I visited the USA in January. I was there for a month so bought a SIM and went on the monthly unlimited plan for a one off fee
It is called a basic phone or a dumbphone.
A method to get internet on mobile free. Only requisite is
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You can connect to the internet without a phone line. You can do this by buying an only Internet service from your provider. This service does not require telephone ...
You can have internet without having a land line connection by using broadband. This option has the advantages of cutting down on your costs of renting a landline ...
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