Can I Get Pregnant 7 Days after My Period?


It is possible to get pregnant seven days after a period but this is not likely. It mostly happens to those with irregular periods. Generally, one is considered fertile on day 16 of your cycle since ovulation occurs 14 days after you start your cycle.
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Many women find it difficult to know when to try to get pregnant. Timing everything perfectly can be frustrating and discouraging. It is even more discouraging to have a period when
If you had unprotected sex 7 days after the end of your period ther is a high probability of becoming pregnant.
Typically you ovulate 2 weeks before your period starts. Depending
You are very fertile after any pregnancy, even if it didn't go to term (got aborted) So, yes, you could be pregnant.
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You can get pregnant 7 days after your period. In fact you can also get pregnant just before your period, during your period, and right after your period. However ...
It is unlikely for a woman to get pregnant seven days before her period. On average, a woman ovulates about 12 to 16 days before her next menstrual period, which ...
Bright red bleeding between periods could of several types. The bleeding could be an ovulation bleed. It could as well be an implantation bleed. A pregnancy test ...
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