Can I Get Pregnant a Week before My Period Is Due?


You can get pregnant a week before your period is due. Pregnancy is dependent on sexual intercourse and the time of ovulation. If you had unprotected sex and was not under any birth control method, then pregnancy is bound to occur.
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10 days after you are due your period.
1. Find the date on your calendar that corresponds to your nearest even week of pregnancy. For example, if you'll be 12 weeks pregnant on April 10 and today's date is April 8, then
There are home pregnancy tests available
USUALLY ovulation occurs 12 - 16 days before your period is due, however, if you ovulate late and your period is going to unexpectedly come late this month, then you could certainly
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Bleeding two weeks before your period is due is actually quite normal. During this time in your cycle, you are usually ovulating. Ovulation is when your body releases ...
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Spotting before a menstrual period is due is not normal. This spotting can have various different causes. The list of causes can include sexually transmitted diseases ...
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