Can I Get Pregnant at 48?


It is very possible to get pregnant at 48 years of age but only if your body shows no signs of menopause or prematurely aging ovaries (POA). However, the chances of getting pregnant at this age are greatly reduced and confirmation can only be obtained from a certified medical practitioner. In summary, women's fertility rates drop significantly after age 30, and at 35 they plummet again, and after 40, it starts to get pretty dismal.
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I can't give you odd in percentage points but here's an anecdotal story.I got my girlfriend pregnant, 18 months ago when she was 48.5 years old. She was a smoker, about 25 lbs overweight
Fertility treatments are successful 25% of the time for women aged 40,
Pretty much nonexistent seeing as it takes more than 48 hours to get pregnant and if you begin menstruating after sex the blood flow will make it virtually impossible for the sperm
I didn't feel anything until I was about 10wks along and I was pretty thin.
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