Can I Get Pregnant Right after an Abortion?


You can get pregnant immediately after an abortion, as early as 7 to 10 days later. You can conceive even if you are still bleeding and it is necessary that a consistent kind of birth control is used.
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I would think it would be many years later. If there was a reason for the abortion, getting pregnant again should be a far away thought. Wait 6 months.
1. Talk to your doctor about when it is safe to start trying to get pregnant after having had an abortion. You should always rely on a doctor’s advice about your body. 2. Make
Well the main question would be WHY would you WANT to, since you obviously went to great lengths to NOT have one? Anyway though, despite what would seem to make more sense, you;d
Hi. Just wondered if you received the following email. Please let me know. Hello Michelle, First off, I want to say to check with your personal physician if you have one, I'm not
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Can You Get Pregnant Right After an Abortion?
Despite what many people believe, it is possible to get pregnant right after having an abortion. This is exactly why choosing a form of birth control that is safe and will work best is something that needs to be done following an abortion.... More »
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It really depends on how long ago you had the abortion, and what type of abortion it was. However, generally it should not affect you, and it will be just as easy ...
After an abortion you can get pregnant in as early as two to four weeks. The ovulation in a woman's body begin as early as two weeks thereby a person should give ...
There are steps one can take to prevent pregnancy before it happens, such as with birth control or the use of condoms. After one has become pregnant, abortion ...
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