Can I Give My Dog Ambien?


You should not give your dog Ambien. Dogs and humans have different Genetic makeup and thus drugs made for one will be unlikely to work for another. Not to mention Ambien has a long list of side effects that your pooch probably would not enjoy. If you're worried about your dog's sleeping patterns, contact your vet.
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It is certainly less mess outside, but some folks just prefer their bathtub. With my lab, it was always easiest in the wheel barrow. He loved it.
1. Start at the neck. Open your hands as if you were lightly grabbing a basketball and place one hand on each side of the dog’s neck. Lightly press each finger, one by one,
Please call the vet NOW.
Know Your Dog's Weight Your dog's weight is very important when it comes to choosing a medication and its dosage. Safe dosages vary widely among large and small breeds. Correct dosing
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If your dog ate an Ambien pill, he or she may feel some side effects, but otherwise will be fine. Look for anything of alarm, such as bloody stools, vomit or convulsions ...
Please call the vet NOW. ...
Giving your dog a laxative without the consultation of a vet may be missi. ...
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