Can I Grow an Astilbe in a Container?


Astilbe plants can be grown in a container. They make good container plants, and were a common house plant in Victorian times. They do well in partial to full shade with soft, fertile and well drained soil.
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1. Fill a 14- to 16-inch diameter pot with a rich potting soil that holds moisture well. Plant the astilbe in the pot at the same depth it was at previously, with the crown of the
1. Determine if you’re in the right growing environment. Astilbe are indigenous to North America and Europe, in the northern areas where weather is cool and wet. They grow best
1. Select the vegetables. Virtually any vegetable, save full-size corn, can grow inside garden planters and containers. Depending on the size of the container, full-size vegetables
1. Place the Japanese magnolia in a location the receives sunlight for several hours. Choose a location outside on a balcony, patio or deck area that receives morning sunlight. Otherwise
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