Can I Have Some Examples of Public Information Systems?


A public information system is an information system, like an ATM or airline reservation system, that is available for public use.
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-Atm.Payphone.library check out system. bus time table.
Public information systems exist to provide a service or to provide support to a public process. The "public" in this case is heterogeneous and consists of private people
By beautiful, I assume you mean physically beautiful. I would say another type of "beauty" in a public transit system would be in its efficiency, its ability to work as
This process will be most successful if you know the name of your water system. To find this information, either check your most recent water bill or look in the local government
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Public information systems are information systems available for public use. There are public information systems both in the public sector and in the private ...
The main examples of information systems are data warehouses, enterprise resource planning, enterprise systems, expert systems. Others include geographic information ...
Some examples of the barter system include if a baker does not have the money for a haircut and offers bread and other foods to the barber worth the same cost ...
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