Can I Keep Two Male Cats Together?


You can keep two male cats in one house even though they are known to get involved in inter-cat aggression, especially when they reach social maturity age (between two and four years of age). This form of aggression can be eliminated by spaying and neutering your cats.
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1. Have your cat neutered. The vet will give you instructions to prepare your pet for this simple surgery. Preparation usually involves a 12-hour fast, which empties your cat's stomach
The number of neutered Siamese cats you can keep together depends on your resources, available space, tolerance for cat hair, and of course, your cats! When it comes to introducing
First of all, cats do not kiss. They may touch noses and/or stand close enough face to face that they look like they're kissing, but cats do not kiss.
the two males will eventually fight, and pee every wheres if not neutered, there's still a small chance of this occurring after they are neutered. they also make these horrible mating
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It is possible to have two male cats together. At first it is best to see if they are willing to communicate and share space with one another. Also, both male ...
Two male cats can live together albeit amidst a lot of fighting. It is much easier if these cats are introduced to each other gradually when they are still kittens ...
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