Can I Kill a Magpie?


Magpies can be trapped or killed by a person if he or she has a general licence. They are said to be very intelligent birds that are very difficult to shoot. Magpies are known to feed on road kill and it is said that they hardly ever get run over by vehicles themselves.
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With a shotgun.
When it comes to attack you, pepper spray it smack it w/ a 2x4. Then let scruffy or fluffy play with it. Source(s) Just a guess.
From old English superstition, killing a magpie was considered bad luck as they were believed to be witches in the form of birds.
Don't think it means anything! There is a superstition about how many jays you see, e.g. One only is unlucky and you have to see another one. But not sure because I am not in any
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Mag pies eat other birds because they are carnivorous in nature. They also scavenge for dead birds that may be killed by storms, car crushes or other catastrophes ...
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