Can I Make a Free Phone Call by Using the Internet?


Using a standard phone one can make calls over the internet using the skype enabled internet phone wizard.
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1. First you need to download the proper program for making free internet phone calls. Go to The first web page that you come to will allow you to click "Download
You can use free skype to skype service.
Share this page on: Send to a Friend via Email Skype is quickly becoming one of the most popular (and cost-effective) ways to make phone calls to anyone in the world. Learn more about
1. Review your cell phone manual to verify that your phone has the tethering ability. 2. Download and install the required software, as laid out in your manual or at your cell phone
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Can I Make a Free Phone Call by Using the Internet?
In a difficult economy, everyone looks for ways to save money. Cutting the cost of making telephone calls remains an option. The average family has both landline and cell phone bills to contend with each month. Using the resources available on the... More »
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