Can I Marry My Second Cousin?


You can marry your second cousin since your genes are not the same. A second cousin is one whom you share the same great grandparents. However, it's not advisable to marry a first cousin because you may have similarities in your genes.
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My parents are married as second cousins.and I don't think I have found any flaw in their marriage. It just keeps our family tied together. And I think it makes me embarrassed to
Second cousins are related to you by being the child of your first cousin. For example, if your cousin had a son, their son would be your second cousin!
The first relationship in the chain is the first couple, or common ancestor, in a line of relatives. The children of that couple are siblings (brothers and sisters) These rules apply
It would depend on the laws for the specific state. What state are you in?
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Most countries will not allow you to marry a second cousin. In Canada and Mexico, it is legal to marry a second cousin. Most countries in the East, for instance ...
The law states that it is illegal to marry your second cousin and is effective in all 54 states. Dating a person with whom you have a blood relation is also not ...
Most cultures advocate against marrying your relatives including your second cousin. However, in the UK, it is quite legal to marry your second cousin. ...
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